Code: 2.5                                                                                   

           Total hours: 50                                                     Workload: 4 hours per week

Objective: The objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge of the provisions of the companies Act 1956 along with relevant case laws and the work of a company secretary. 


Pedagogy: Class Room Teaching Group Discussion.

Module – I

Company – Definition, Characteristics, Kinds of Companies, Public Private Government Companies etc. Conversion of Private Companies into Public

           Companies and Vice-versa.                                                                            

       (8hrs) Module – II 

Company Secretary: Meaning and definition – Legal Position –Qualifications – Appointments-Duties-Rights-Liabilities of a Company Secretary.


Module – III

Formation of a company-Promoters and their role-Basic documents of company Memorandum of association –Articles of Association –Prospects-Its ImportanceStatement in view of prospectus. 


Module – IV

Raising of share capital –Issue of shares –Allotment of shares –Procedure of allotment. Issue of share certificate share certificate v/s share warrant-call and Transfer Transmission furtive of shares duties of company secretary.


Module – V

Knowledge and Meeting of share forfeiture of: Annual General Body meeting, Statutory Meetings, Extraordinary Meeting – Board meeting. Resolutions and Minutes. Responsibility of company secretary.


Module – VI 

Who is a member? Member v/s Share holder. Non-Voting Right hares membership. 

Who is membership an enquired? Membership rights, liabilities and terminations.


Reference Books: 

  1. E.Kuchal –Secretarial Oractice
  2. D. Kappor – Elements of Company law
  3. N.Reddy and Appaniah : Elements of Company Law
  4. Guide to Company Act-Ramaiah
  5. Company law and Secretarial Practice -Sherlkar