Code: 3.3                                                                      50 Hrs Theory - 4 Hrs/week

36 Hrs Practical - 3 Hrs/week

                     (Practical exam of 40 marks (ext), 10 marks IA, 2 Hrs duration)


Pedagogy: Lecturers, Assignments, Practicals etc.


Objective: To acquaint the students with Computer Fundamentals and database application

Module – I 

Computer Fundamentals - Evolution of computers, history and generation of computers, types and classification of computers, characteristics and uses of computers, basic structure of computer - input devices, output devices, processing unit and memory, Data representation - integers, character, binary, octal, hexadecimal and conversions, Computer memory - primary & secondary memory, Diagram of floppy disk, CD-ROM, Introduction to Operating System, Functions and types of Operating System, Study of Microsoft Windows-XP.

(10 hrs) Module – II 

MS-Excel(Spreadsheet software): Basic features of spreadsheet package, formatting the spreadsheets, renaming, rows & columns, graphic representations, using formulas in areas like marketing, finance, production, etc. most frequently used built-in functions in Excel

(10 hrs)

Module – III 

Data Base Management System (DBMS) - FoxPro (Only commands)

Introduction to DBMS, Data, Fields, Records and Data Base Files

Starting and quitting FoxPro: The FoxPro environment

Creating a database file - CREATE command

Use of various operators in FoxPro

Adding records to a database file - APPEND command

Editing records of a database file - EDIT, CHANGE commands

Deleting records of a database file - DELETE, PACK, ZAP commands

Displaying and printing records of a database file - LIST, DISPLAY, FOR clause

Use of RUN or ! command

Renaming and deleting a database file

Sorting records of a database file - SORT, INDEX commands

Searching a particular record in a database file - FIND, SEEK commands

SET commands

Built-in FoxPro functions

Creating labels

(30 hrs) Suggested Books:


  1. Fundamentals of Computers by V Rajaraman, PHI
  2. A First Course in Computers by Sanjay Saxena,  Vikas Publishing
  3. Programming in FoxPro by Taxali