Course and Evaluation


  • The BBA is a full time three year course spread over six semesters
  • Each semester is of 16 week duration
  • Each semester consists of five subjects carrying 100 marks requiring a least 4 contact hours per week. Subjects which have practical component carry a total of 150 marks (100 for theory and 50 for practicals)
  • There would be two compulsory In-plant training of 30 days duration each. The first at the end of the third semester and the second at the end of the fifth semester. Admission to the fourth and sixth semester will be subject to the completion of the first and second inplant training respectively. 
  • The student should have a minimum of 80% attendance to appear for the semester examination.

Internal Assessment

  • The student will be examined for a total of 100 marks in each of the subjects prescribed for the respective semester. The 100 marks consists of 25 marks for Internal assessment and 75 marks for External assessment. The Internal assessment marks are awarded by the concerned teacher and the external assessment is based on a common examination to be conducted by the University. Subjects having practical components carry a total of 150 marks consisting of 100 marks for theory component (25 marks for Internal assessment and 75 marks of external assessment) and 50 marks for Practical component (10 marks Internal assessment of Journals and 40 marks for External Practical Examination). 
  • The break up of internal Marks for theory is as follows:
    • Skill Development Records                      05 marks
    • Internal Tests 2 (average marks)             10 marks
    • Seminar / Assignments                            05 marks
    • Attendance / Class participation               05 marks
    • Total                                                          25 marks
      • The Internal marks for Practical Component is awarded by the concerned teacher on the basis of journal of the student over the entire semester.
      • Please Note: Each class teacher should maintain respective records for internal assessment which may be examined by Registrar (Evaluation) or his nominee any time. 
  • There is no minimum for internal assessment marks.
  • The minimum for external assessment is 30 out of 75 marks for theory papers and 20 out of 40 marks for practical examinations
  • To pass a student must secure atleast 40% in each subject (both theory and practical) (including internal and external marks) and 40% in Inplant Training Project Report evaluation and viva


  • A student can seek admission to the third semester only after clearing 8 out of 10 subjects in the first year. 
  • A student is eligible for admission to fifth semester only after clearing all 10 subjects of the two semesters and 8 out of 10 of the third & fourth semester.

In-plant Training

  • Each student is required to undergo two separate 30 days inplant training (II and V semester). One teacher of the concerned college will act as internal guide for the inplant training. 
  • At the end of the first inplant training a student is required to submit his report to the Principal before the commencement of the fourth semester examination.
  • At the end of the second inplant training a student is required to submit his report to the University before the commencement of the sixth semester examination.
  • There will be a common evaluation of both the Inplant report. The reports will be evaluated out of 50 marks and the viva will be for 50 marks.
  • The viva will be conducted by the examination committee constituted by the University consisting of 
  • One local industrialist/ business man/ consultant
  • Head of the Institution
  • Internal Guide
  • The committee will submit a comprehensive viva and report mark list to the University.

Degree and Award of Classes

  • To pass in each subject a student should obtain minimum of 40%. To pass in In-plant Training and project viva, a student must obtain a minimum of 40%. However, to be eligible for pass and award of the BBA degree, a student should obtain a minimum of 50% in aggregate (i.e. 1675 out of 3350 marks for students choosing information system as specialization and 1600 marks out of 3200 marks for students specializing in other areas) of all subjects and in-plant training and project viva.
  • All successful candidates will be awarded the Degree of bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Specialization (to be mentioned in the degree certificate) in any of the areas offered by the Colleges and as permitted by the University. 
  • A student has to clear all the thirty subjects and two inplant training programmes successfully within five years from the date of admission to be eligible for the award of the degree of BBA. 
  • The award of classes to the BBA degree will be based on the aggregate marks obtained in all the semesters including project report and viva (3100 marks)
  • The award of classes is as follows: (based on aggregate marks)
    • Above 50% and less than 60%              - Second Class
    • Above 60% and less than 70%              - First Class
    • Above 70%                                             - First Class with Distinction
  • Keeping in view the current trend no ranks will be awarded.