Course Flexibility

  • In V Semester, College can offer elective as below. Student is free to choose any specialization- ED/ Marketing/ Finance/ Systems/ HR 
   E.Dev OR  Marketing OR Finance  OR  Systems OR HR 
 V Sem          
Elective-I E.I  B-I  A-I C-I D-I
 Elective-II E-II B-II A-II C-II D-II
  •  In VI Semester, College can offer any of the elective as below. A student is free to choose any specialization. It is not necessary for a student to choose the same elective in V and VI semester. But he should choose both the subjects from same specialization within the semester. For instance a student may choose finance in V and Marketing in VI Semester 
   E.Dev OR  Marketing OR Finance  OR  Systems OR HR 
 VI Sem          
 Elective-II E-IV  B-IV A-IV C-IV D-IV
  • There should be a minimum of 10 students to offer any specialization.
  • Any college can introduce any other specialization keeping in view the local needs BUT only with prior permission of the University
  • The Board of Studies may make minor modifications in the syllabus to reflect the latest trends in the subject.