CODE: 2.3                                                         

           Total Hours: 50                                                                Work load 4 hrs / week  


Pedagogy: Lectures, Assignments, Seminars and Cases etc.


Objective: To get the students acquainted with fundamental aspects of finance.

Module – I 

Introduction: Meaning of business finance-scope of financial

Management and objectives: Profit v/s wealth maximization-role of finance Management Organization for finance function.

Financial planning: Financial budgets and budgetary control, Production Sales-master budget. 

                                                                                            (8 hrs) 

Module – II 

Cost of capital: Meaning, coat of different sources and computation of total  Cost of capital.

Capital Structure: Meaning, Policies, capital gearing and leverage, trading

On equity (no theories of capital structure)

                                                                                                                                     (14 hrs)

Module – III 

Working Capital Management: Concept, need, source-estimation of working capital management, debtors, receivable and inventory management.

                                                                                                                (10 hrs)

Module – IV 


What does dividend decision involves?

Dividend Decisions practical consideration- Pay out ration-Stability of Dividend-

Procedural Concept     

                                                                                                                                        (8 hrs)

Module – V 

Mergers and acquisitions and amalgamations

Examples and simple problems  

(10 hrs)


Suggested Books:

  1. Financial Management- R M Shrivastav- Pragati Prakashan, Meerut.
  2. Business Finance- Reddy and Appanaiah- Himamlaya Publishing House, Mumbai.
  3. Financial Management- P V Kulkarni & B G Satyaprasad, Himalaya Publishing  House, Mumbai.
  4. Indian Capital Market- V.A.Avadhani, Himalaya Publishing, 1999 S.C.KucchalVikas