Code: 4.5                                                                                   

           Total hours: 62                                                     Workload: 4 hours per week

Pedagogy:  Lecturers, Assignment, Cases  etc.

Objective: To interpret managerial information for human resource.


Module – I 

Human Resource Management meaning and definition, significance of Human Resource Management, objectives of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management v/s Personnel management, Human Resource Management v/s Human Resource Development functions of Human Resource Management (Managerial and Operational Functions), Role of Human Resource Management.

                                                                                                                                      (8 hrs) 

Module – II 

Job analysis: Meaning of analysis, methods of job analysis, process of job analysis, 

Job design: Meaning and definition

Job description: Meaning and definition, contents of job description Job Evaluation & Job specification: Meaning. 

Employees specification: Meaning and need.

Job classification: Meaning and need and introduction.

Job enlargement: Meaning and need.

Job enrichment: Meaning and need.

Job rotation: Meaning and need.

                                                                                                                                    (10 hrs)

Module – III  

Recruitment and selection

  1. Meaning, introduction, objectives of recruitment.
  2. Internal and external sources of recruitment with merits and demerits.
  3. Factors affecting recruitment.
  4. Process of recruitment and selection.
  5. Techniques of recruitment, traditional and modern techniques.
  6. Factors affecting selection process.
  7. Interviews: Types of interviews, limitations of interview.
  8. Tests: Types of tests and their limitations.
  9. Recent trend in selection.

(10 hrs)

Module – IV   

Placement and Induction:

Placement: Meaning and process.

Induction: Meaning and need of induction.

                                                                                                                                      (2 hrs)

Module – V 

Training and development, meaning, need and methods of training and development.

                                                                                                                                      (6 hrs)

Module – VI 

Performance appraisal, introduction, meaning, need for performance appraisal, methods of performance appraisal (introductory part), limitations of performance appraisal.

                                                                                                                (8 hrs) Module – VII 

Employee remuneration

¾  Factors affecting wage and salary administration ¾ Principles of sound wage and salary system.

¾  Contents of wage and salary.

™Incentives: Meaning and types.

™Fring benefits: Meaning and types.

(6 hrs)

Suggested Books:


  1. Human Resource Management – C.B. Gupta
  2. Human Resource Management: John Bratton & Jefferey Gold.
  3. Essentials of Human Resource Management : P. Subbarao (Himalaya


  1. Case study of Human Resource Development: H. Kaushal
  2. Human Resource Management: Aswathappa
  3. Human Resource Management-  Pattanayak