Code: 1.3 

           Total Hours: 50                                                                   Work load 4 Hrs/ week. 


Pedagogy: Lectures, Seminars, Assignments, Field work, Cases etc 


Objective: This introductory course makes the students to “put on their management hat”. The students will learn the traditionally proven management concepts and their relevance in solving managerial problems

Module – I  

The concept of management, development of management thought, schools of management thought, the process of management, management and administration.

                                                                                                                                    (4 hrs) 

Module – II 

Types of business organizations: sole, proprietorship, partnership, joint stock companies, public ltd private Ltd & co-operative societies: meaning nature scope, merits and demerits. 

                                                                                                                                      (6 hrs) 

Module – III 

Decision Making: Meaning, Types of decisions, steps in Rational decision making, Difficulties in decision making


Module –  IV  

Planning:The concept, nature, and purpose of planning, objectives of planning, planning process, types of plans, making planning effective.  


Module – 

Organising:Concept, nature and principles of organising, span of control, departmentation, line and staff organisation, authority relationship, centralisation versus decentralisation of authority, delegation of authority, committees.   


Module –  VI 

Staffing:Concept of staffing, Importance and need for proper staffing.

          Directing : Concepts and nature of directing and supervision.         

Motivation : Meaning, Theories of motivation (Maslow, Herzberg, theory X and Y).



Module –  VII 

Co-ordination:Concept of co-ordination, need for co-ordination, principles of coordination.  Qualities of effective leader and leadership styles and applications. Control:  Concept and process of control, techniques and tools, control of over-all performances. 


                                                                                                                                                                      (13 hrs)

Module –  VIII 

Modern trends in management: Introduction management by objectives, participative management, social and ethical issues in management.     

(3 hrs)

Suggested Books:

  1. Principles of management: By Tripaty & Reddy, Tata McGraw Hill Publication,
  2. Principles and practices of management: By L.M. Prasad, Chand Publication, New Delhi
  3. Principles and practice of management: By V.S.P. Rao & P.S. Narayan, Konark publication.
  4. Essentials of management: By Koontz, Tata McGraw Hill Book Publication.
  5. Business Studies: By C. B. Gupta, Tata McGraw Hill Publication.
  6. Essential of Management:- Massie.
  7. Principles of management:- Gupta