Code: 1.4                                                                                   

           Total hours: 50                                                     Workload: 4 hours per week

Pedagogy:  Lecturers, Assignment, Cases, Fieldwork etc.

ObjectiveTo provide inputs in principles and core concepts of marketing management and application.

Module – I  

Understanding the Role of Marketing in organization and society.

  1. The core concepts of marketing:- Needs, wants, and demand products, utility, value, satisfaction, Exchange, transactions and relationship, market, marketing, marketer.
  2. Company orientations towards market production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, social marketing concept.
  3. Need of marketing in Business sector Non profit sector and Government sector.
  4. Marketing environment, controllable, uncontrollable elements.

(5 hrs) Module – II 

Identifying market segments selecting, Target market and developing market positions, basis for market segmentation for consumer and industrial market and requirement of effective segments.  

                                                                                                                                              (5 hrs)

Module – III 

Product life cycle concept, Marketing strategies for different stages of the product life cycle.            

(4 hrs) Module – IV

Managing products, Product lines Brand. Core Product Tangible and augmented product, product hierarchy, product classification, product mix decisions. Product line decisions. Product line analysis, product line length. 

Individual product decisions : product attribute decisions, Branding and Brand decisions, packing and labeling decision.  

                                                                                                                                                      (8 hrs)

Module – V  

Pricing: Setting the price, pricing process, pricing methods. 

Adapting price: Geographical pricing, price discounts and allowances, promotional pricing, discriminatory pricing, product mix pricing. 

    (8 hrs)

Module – VI   

Marketing channels. 

  • The Importance of marketing channels
  • Channel design decisions
  • Channel management decisions
  • Channel Conflict: Types, Causes, & Managing the conflict.

 (8 hrs)

Module – VII

Promotion mix 

Advertisement:- Meaning, Objectives, & types of Media.

Sales Promotion:- Meaning, Objectives, & Tools.

Public relation:- Meaning, & Tools. 

           Personal selling:- process.                                                                        

                                                                                                                      (7 hrs) Module – XIII  

Direct marketing:

Scope and nature of direct marketing Different methods of direct marketing online marketing Forms, Limitations advantages 

(5 hrs)

Suggested Books:

  1. Principles of Marketing – by Kotler and Armstrong PHI
  2. Marketing Management- by Kotler PHI
  3. Marketing Management by V.S Ramaswamy and S. Namakuari
  4. Principles of marketing management by J.P.Gupta and Joyti Rana published by R. Chand & Co. New Delhi.
  5. Principles of Marketing by Kotler & Armstrong PHI
  6. Marketing Management by Kotler PHI
  7. Principles of Marketing by J.P. Gupta & Jyothi Rana R Chand & Company published