Pre-Unique Fest 2018 Held

Anjuman Institute of Management and Computer Applications (AIMCA) organized a one day fest for Pre-University students  across Uttar KannadaDistrict on January 04 Thursday at its Anjumanabad campus.
In a press release by the institution, Principal Prof. Mohsin informed that the fest has been named as ‘Pre-Unique 2k18’.
The fest consisted of  total  five events and competitions like War of words and Vision, Lone Wolf, En-Questa, Cuisine Sem-fue and treasure hunt, and the winners were  awarded with cash prizes.
Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen President Abdul Rahim Jukaku,  presided over the inauguration ceremony, the newly appointed TMC Chief Officer Aysha Khanum was  the Chief Guest for the event, and Ismail Siddique Gen. Secy. of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Ishaque Shabandri, Addl. Gen, Secy. of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, and Aftab Qamri, Secretary Professional college board were also present.

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