The First MBA of Bhatkal, Visits AIMCA

Mr. Mohsin Shahbandri, fondly known as American Mohsin, who is also the patron of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Bhatkal visited our institution and interacted with the students on Tuesday on various topics like current scenarios, requirements of the corporate, Skills required in Information technology, management disciplines like, Marketing, Human resources, Financial Management etc. He was accompanied by honorable management members of Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Bhatkal.

Mr. Mohsin is an Alumni of New York University where he pursued MBA in 1952 after studying in Bhatkal, Chennai and Calicut till his graduation. He is now aged 90 but that didn’t stop his love and affection for the students and the education sector.

The students were very much pleased and motivated to meet such a personality and put forward relevant questions. Mr. Mohsin on the other side, was also very much happy to look at the capabilities and energy which the students hold and departed with much love and prayers.  

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