Co-Curricular Activities

For over all personality development of the students, the institution has taken initiative in arranging seminars, group discussions, debates, conferences, Management and IT Fest on major core competence and thrust areas. Students are kept busy through out the year with full academic activities. To boost the morale of the students, competitions, seminars and conferences are encouraged and students are trained to participate in such activities.

Every year industrial tours are arranged for providing practical knowledge to the students. Each year Annual gathering is arranged where students present papers and experts are invited, prizes are distributed for all students who achieve outstanding success in different Fields.

Extra Curricular Activities

With the advent of Globalization, the world has become a level playing field. The industry has become more competitive & where every industry is trying to excel over other. So, the executives are required to work hard for long hours. A healthy body has a sound mind, apart from curricular activities we give incessant encourage meat to the students to participate in extra-curricular like sports and tours. Students are trained through out the year to
face the challenges.