Rules & Regulations

  1. All the students should read the notice put up on the notice boards regularly.
  2. The students should be regular to their classes. 80% attendance is compulsory. The students who are unable to attend classes for genuine reasons will only be granted leave, to be applied in advance in the pro-forma given in Appendix – A.
  3. The students should attend all the classes everyday in time.
  4. They should not loiter unnecessarily in the campus. Those who misbehave and violate the rules and regulations will be severely punished.
  5. Every student should always keep his/her identity card with him/her and produce it whenever asked by the College Authorities.
  6. The sum of fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  7. The Institution has a dress code which is to be strictly adhered by the students at all times. The dress code consists of formal attires.
  8. The College Authority has  power to take any action to maintain academic standards & discipline in the college
  9. Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited.