Students Council 2022-2023

Student Council Members

Welcome to the Student Council webpage! We are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic students who are committed to improving the college experience for everyone. Our aim is to serve as a bridge between the student body and the administration, and to promote student involvement and leadership on campus.As the voice of the students, we work tirelessly to address concerns and bring about positive change. We regularly host events and activities that bring students together and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. From guest speaker events to community service projects, there is something for everyone.Our council is made up of elected representatives from each class, who work together to plan and execute initiatives that benefit the student body. We also collaborate with other student organizations and clubs to create a vibrant and inclusive campus community.We encourage all students to get involved with the Student Council and to share their ideas and suggestions. Whether you want to run for a leadership position, attend our events, or simply share your thoughts, we are here to listen and support you.So come on in and explore our website! Stay up-to-date with our events and activities, learn more about our leadership team, and find out how you can get involved. We can’t wait to see you!


Name Designation
Mr Rubain Gangawali Student General Secretary (Boys)
Ms Jumana Afrin Student General Secretary (Girls)
Mr Atif Bhalli Student Secretary (Boys)
Ms Ayman M.J Student Secretary (Girls)
Mr Kashifi Farid Sports Secretary (Boys)
Ms Maryam Mulla Sports Secretary (Girls)
Mr Muhammed Amaan Ikkeri Management Event Head
Mr Yunus Mulla Prefect Leader
Mr Moieen IT Head
Mr Zulfikar Manna Class Representative BBA III (Boys)
Ms Saima Class Representative BBA III (Girls)
Mr Anas Class Representative BCA III (Boys)
Ms Sara Ruknuddin Class Representative BCA III (Girls)
Mr Noorul Huda Class Representative BBA II (Boys)
Ms Umme Rufaida Class Representative BBA II (Girls)
Mr Swalhay Arzan Class Representative BCA II (Boys)
Ms Narmin Mohtesham Class Representative BCA II (Girls)
Mr Muhammed Nawaz Class Representative BBA I (Boys)
Ms Rihab Fakardey Class Representative BBA I (Girls)
Mr Muhammed Kaif Class Representative BCA I (Boys)
Ms Fathima Arshi Class Representative BCA I (Girls)