Annual Report 2021-22



“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the Mind to think”

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

Honourable President of the today’s function Janab Mohammed Sadique Pilloor, Vice President II, AHM, Distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Usman Khan Pathan, Guest of Honour Mr. Arshad Hasan Kadli, General Secretary Janab Siddique Ismail General Secretary, Janab Ishaque Shabandri Additional General Secretary, Dr. Mohammed Aftab Qamri our College Secretary, Mr. Talooth Muallim vice principal other Members of the Esteemed Management, Principals of sister Institutions, Invitees, alumni’s, Parents, Friends from Media, our beloved Members of Faculty and Dear Students.

It gives me immense pleasure to extend a cordial welcome to all for the 26th annual day celebration of Anjuman Institute of Management and Computer Application. I deemed an honor and feel privileged to place before you a brief report of our institution for the academic year 2021-22. As I Look back, this academic year 2021-22 has brought many accomplishments and also made us see the gaps in some areas where there is a definite scope for improvements.

It is excellent day when we honor the awards and celebrate the achievements of both students and Staff! In the field of Academic and Non-Academics. On this wonderful day when we have gathered here to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of all achievers.

Overview of Education at AIMCA:

We AIMCIAN strongly believe in the concept of holistic education and strive to achieve its goal of preparing students to meet the challenges that we face in the 21st century and especially in our locality that is becoming more cultured and complex. We believe, it is important to provide education that focuses on the all-round development of human personality and helps a person in his or her strong intellectual formation as well as emotional maturity. Guided by this principle, we prepare our students not only for academic success but also for life.

“Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, yet, it is.”

We THE AIMCIAN were a pot of flower with very few numbers of students in the huge Garden of Anjuman. I the Principal of this college has taken a charge with only a bunch of students, Alhumdulillah! It’s an honour to be a Captain of a sailing ship which had only 126 students in the year 2014. We stepped ahead slowly that today we stood strong as a tree of 360 students and 20 staff members in a decade of my service with strong root, vigorous branches of BBA and BCA, self-assertive staff, resilient students, sturdy and supportive management with encouraging parents.

Strength of our College:

“Individually we are a drop but together we are an ocean”

Sl. No Course Boys Girls Total
01 BBA I 65 23 88
02 BBA II 35 26 61
03 BBA III 51 25 76
Total 150 74 225
04 BCA I 45 15 60
05 BCA II 26 12 38
06 BCA III 22 15 37
Total 93 42 135
  Grand Total 243 116 360


In our efforts towards academic excellence and growth, we have initiated action to bridge the gap between the institution and industry. We assess the students’ strength and weakness in academics and aptitude and address their needs through Mentor-Mentee, Add-on Certificate Courses, Courses on Life Skills, and Special Talks/Lectures by experts in their respective fields as well as emphasis on Counselling and Personality Development, we use information technology and internet and other visual aids in our teaching methods.



Alhumdulillah! The number of University Rank Achievers from our college is on the rise and every year we get some university toppers.

University Rank Achievers for 2019-2022 examination
SL No Name of the Students Rank Percentage
BBA  2019-20
01 Miss. Altamash Tahira  d/o Mohammed Altaf Tahira

III Rank


BBA  2020-21
01 Miss. Farzeen Qadri d/o Mohammed Iqbal





Our honorable management has Awarded them with a cash price of Rs 10000/- each. In total Aimca family has 9 ranks to its credit.



Student’s Name SEM Subject Faculty name Cash
Miss. Aysha Rufi D/O Jameel Fakerdey 1 Principles of marketing Mohd Mohsin 1000
Financial Accounting Bushra KV 1000
3 Marketing Research Wakas Barmawar 1000
Business StatIstics Aysha Nasuha 1000
5 Banking Operation Jameel Shaikh 1000
Miss. Sana Mani D/O Abdul Sami 1 Principles of marketing Mohd Mohsin 1000
Miss. G Shazmi Parveen D/o G Mohd Nisar 1 Financial Accounting Bushra KV 1000
Miss. Haifa Parveen D/o Ugrani Basha 1 Financial Accounting Bushra KV 1000
3 Business Statistics Aysha Nasuha 1000
Miss. Zainab D/o Mohammed Gouse 3 Marketing Research Wakas Barmawar 1000
Business Statistics Aysha Nasuha 1000
Miss. Eifa D/o Habibulla Siddibapa 3 Business Statistics Aysha Nasuha 1000
Miss. Wasira Shingati D/o Abdul Jabbar 3 Corporate Accounting Bushra KV 1000
Miss. Mariyam Mubeen D/o Mubeen Manna 5 Sales Management Talooth Muallim 1000
Banking Operation Jameel Shaikh 1000
Mr. Sandeep  Naik S/o Vijay Naik 5 Operation research Moinuddin Shibargi 1000
Miss Ayman D/o Abdul Raqeeb MJ 1 Elements Of marketing Mohd Mohsin 1000
Miss Urooj Shams D/O Abdul Faiz Hejeeb 1 Elements Of marketing Mohd Mohsin 1000
Miss. Arsha Afroz D/o Syed Muzaffar 1 Elements Of marketing Mohd Mohsin 1000





Student Name SEM Sport Name
Mr. Ismail Khalid BBA VI Foot Ball
Mr. Nihal Mohtesham BCA VI Badminton
Mr. Jasim S.K BBA VI Cricket
Under the valuable guidance of Physical Director Mohan Mesta

*Our honorable management has awarded  each of this  students with a cash prize of Rs 5000/-

S.No Student Name Award Name Sem
1 Miss. Laiba Samran 100% Attendance BBA VI
2 Miss. Aysha Simra Virtual Assistant Software Project BCA VI
3 Miss. Munazza Kulsum AI Game Gallery Software Project BCA VI
4 Miss. Mohammed Mazil WORD HUB  Software Project BCA VI
5 Mr .Sandeep Naik AIMCA Chat Bot Software Project BCA VI
* innovation act as a flywheel in progress of the world, to acknowledge the innovation of our student and to fuel the motivation our honorable management has awarded each innovator student with Rs.5000


Toppers for  2019-2022 examination
SL No Name of the Students Semester Percentage
01 Miss. Aysha Rufi  Jameel Fakerdey BBA I 88.85%
02 Miss.  Wasira Shingati Abdul Jabbar               BBA I 87.86 %
03 Miss. Mariyam Mubeen  Manna BBA I 87.43%
01 Mr. Sandeep Vijay Naik                         BCA I 92.12%
02 Miss. Munazza Kulsum   Enayatulla                                BCA I 90.12%
03 Miss. Fathima Isra Mohammed Aslam BCA I 84.25%
01 Miss. Aysha Rufi  Jameel Fakerdey BBA III 95.60%
02 Miss Haifa Parveen Ugrani Basha BBA III 92.27%
03 Miss Liaba Samran Mohammed Khalil BBA III 91.33%
04 Miss.  Wasira Shingati Abdul Jabbar BBA III 91.33%
01 Mr. Sandeep Vijay Naik BCA III 94%
02 Miss. Aysha Sariya Manegar Sayeed BCA III 93.29%
03 Miss. Munazza Kulsum   Enayatulla                                BCA III 92%
01 Miss. Aysha Rufi  Jameel Fakerdey BBA V 91.5%
02 Miss Efa Habibulla Siddibapa BBA V 89%
03 Miss. Mariyam Mubeen  Manna BBA V 87.67%
01 Mr. Sandeep Vijay Naik BCA V 94.71%
02 Miss. Fathima Isra Mohammed Aslam BCA V 93.86%
03 Miss. Munazza Kulsum   Enayatulla                                BCA V 93.14%



“We cannot return to the world as it was” but “Make your Own New World to be the best of All”

  • Orientation Programme was organized for all the students to gear up with their studies after the break of two long years of online studies due to Corona pandemic on 23rd October 2021, to strengthen Education as a common good.
  • The dawn of Education was fixed on 26th of October to all the batches of all the Sem.
  • There was a Scholarship training session on 28th October to get secured scholarships by various sites.
  • A Seminar on Introduction to Competitive Programming by Mr. Suhaib Musbah was held on 7th of November to inculcate the spirit of Competitor.
  • 2nd Dose vaccination drive was run to encourage students to fight back Corona Virus on 10th of November.
  • Students’ Council Committee was formed to hearten the confidence of our students who are the young leaders of tomorrow on 2nd
  • The new buds were blossomed under the guidance of our lecturers and were welcomed by our students to the college in the eve of fresher’s day on 15th
  • On 12th January AIMCA Pro Kabaddi was organized by our college where different teams of colleges actively participated with zeal enthusiasm. 5 teams have participated.
  • 75th years Republic Day was celebrated in presence of our beloved College Secretary Mr. Aftab Qamri. On 26 January.
  • Implant training on research marketing for final year BBA students for a month on 5th
  • Annual Athletic Meet was organized by our Physical Director Mr. Mohan Mesta in presence of Our college Secretary and Principal on 12 June in which students actively participated.
  • Islamic Quiz was organized by our Final year Batch on account of awakening students’ consciousness lighten up the fire of religious awareness among AIMCIAN on 20 June.
  • Final year Girls have organized Cultural Event to provoke the hidden skills and talents of our students in order to promote uniqueness among Ladies along with educational activities on 21 June.
  • In order to help individuals in making adequate educational and occupational choices and taking career decisions based on the demand and requirement of future on 23rd June we had Career Development Guidance Programme by Mr. Mohammed Asif,
  • We had a LIC committee visit to our college on 25th June who honored us excellence in overall maintenance and performance.
  • In the presence of Mr. Arshad Ekkeri and other Management dignitaries we celebrated 75th grand Independence Day on 15th
  • Ethnic Day was celebrated on 23rd of August to promote Cultural diversity among all the students to enlighten the spirit of Oneness despite culturally diverse in our society.
  • Grand farewell will be organized by the juniors to their Senior on 25th August,

In Sha Allah!

You will be glad to know that AIMCIAN has a continuous evaluation system both for students and teachers. We conduct Tests, Internal Assessments & Assignments at knowledge level, Group discussions, Seminars, and Case studies, Projects, Computer Programming at analytical level. There are study tours, excursions and field visits as exposure programs for students and for providing hands-on learning.


“Success is no accident. It is hard work perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”.

Achievements by Faculty:

Alhumdulillah! We are blessed with productive, effective and vigorous faculties, who leave no stone unturn in leaps and bounds. They perform not to satisfy a student but to quench their thirst of knowledge which has no limits.”

  • Its great matter of honor to announce that Our College Board Secretary Dr. Mohammed Aftab Qamri, after having successfully defending their doctoral thesis, received the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degree in 2021-22. He is always an inspiration and motivator to all of us. We are grateful to have such dignified personality among us.
  • It gives me immense pleasure to proclaim I the Principal of AIMCA have been selected as Board of Studies Member in Karnataka University Dharwad for BBA, National Education Policy from the entire Coastal Region.

I have been selected as the chairman in Marketing Specialization in Karnataka University Dharwad.

Centum result every year in my subject Elements of Marketing. In Sha Allah expect the same in future as well.

  • Jameel Shaikh a lecturer, Mentor, supporting hand and a guide was appointed as External Deputy Chief for Sudhindra college and Sowkhya College of Education, Bhatkal. Committee member of Principles of management BBA II Sem in KUD. Chairman of Examination Committee for BBA and BCA in KUD. He also plays vital role in the admission process, Scholarship and University related work. Every year 100% result in Banking and Insurance Management III sem, Banking Operation and expect more growth in his designations and pray for his good health and coherent support.
  • Mohan Mesta Physical Education Director was appointed as a member of Football Selection Committee and Table Tennis Selection Committee for Karnataka University Dharwad.

His supervision has brought an honour of become two sparkling gems of University Blue team in two different field Cricket and Badminton.

Selected as a coach for KUD women’s Table Tennis team for AMET in Chennai.

He has achieved E-Certificate for national Webinar organized by SDM college Honnavar.

  • Prakash Damodar Naik has successfully achieved 100% result in Data Structure using C. his contribution towards BCA department development is commendable, he works like a busy bee to improve the admissions and students training in IT domain.
  • Mohammed Taloot has achieved 100% result in his subjects Sales Management , Financial Services successfully.
  • Hassan is one the best Programme Motivator who plays vital role in Website designing with various ideas, he is one the Co-ordinator of Anjuman Website. He also gives 100% result in his subjects.
  • Mr Waqas Barmawar, is a Committee Member for the subjects International Business, Production management, Retail Management and Business Communications in KUD, has attended a Seminar on Faculty Development Programme organized by Chetan Business School, Hubli.

He is pursuing his B.Ed Course from Institute of Education.

Digital Marketing Certification from Pixel Track  and 100% result in Costing Fundamental.

  • Asadullah MJ has successfully cleared the National Eligibility test exam conducted by University Grant Commission.
  • Bushra has successfully achieved 100% result in her subjects Project Management, Accounting for Business and Financial Accounting.
  • Fathima Juhi has achieved success to lead 100 % result in Additional English, Environmental Studies and Services Marketing.

Alhumdulillah! We are glad to introduce lady faculties in our institute for many subjects.

Mile Stones of Progress:

Let me take you around some mile stones of progress:

Infra Structural Changes:

Air Conditions installed to the Principal’s Chamber and BBA and BCA Second year class rooms.

Digital Notice board has been installed at the entrance to upgrade students with updated notices.

Digital Teaching Aids has been installed for Interactive Teaching learning process.

Administrative Changes:

The college also witnessed some administrative changes:

  • Under the New education Policy scheme the UUCMS (University Unified Central Management System Co Ordinator is assigned to get all updates with new schemes.
  • Online admission process forum is formed as per New Scheme under the guidance of Mr. Jameel Shaikh.
  • Another significant change took place in the college when Mr. Mohammed Taloot Muallim became the first Vice Principal of AIMCA.

Industrial Visit:

  • Principal, Staff & Students of our college had been to Ganesh soap Factory Shirali, Manjunath Cashew Industries Shirali in the month of April, where students had a practical exposure of how work takes place in the industries & the problems faced by the Entrepreneur.
  • Besides, our students are sent for several local industries for hand to hand experiences on sales, production, Manufacture and Marketing.

Sports Events:

  • Students of our college have always proved their efficiency and have brought great laurels to our college with their splendid performance in sports under the guidance of our College Physical Director Mr. Mohan Mesta.
  • Nihal Ahmed Mohtesham S/O Masood Ahmed Mohtesham from BCA 3rd has Selected as a Karnataka University Blue in Badminton Team.
  • Syed Jasim SK of BBA 6th SEM has Selected as a Karnataka University Blue in Cricket Team.
  • Ismail Khalid of BBA 3rd has Selected as a Karnataka University Blue in Football Team.
  • Ihaab, Mr. Kashfi, Ismail Khalid and Mukarram has participated in All India National Level Karate Championship held at modbidri.


List of Fest attended by AIMCA students: –

  1. Inter College fest was organized by MIT Kundapura.
  2. Interactive Session was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Faisal, Regional Manager of Citizen watches (Co MENA) for Final Year students.
  3. Interactive Session was conduct by Mr. Sabit Kadli (digital Insight analyst, studied in RMIT University Australia) for BBA and BCA final year students at AITM.
  4. 4. St. Aloysius College (autonomous) Astrovia 2020-22 in Mangalore,

5.“SRESHTA” National Level fest in SDM college Mangalore helps the students to develop managerial skills.

  1. “SHRETA” National Level College fest in Mangalore.

Computer Lab:    

In addition to all above, we even possess a high-tech computer lab. Our lab comprises of 20 computers with latest configurations and internet facility for the students who are inclined towards e-learning with Projector.

5-year Institutional Planning & Future plans:

Eleanor Roosevelt has said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Keeping pace with the changing signs of the time, The Management members of the college Board revisited and modified the institutional vision, mission, priorities and goals that constitute the guiding light for us all at the college. These have been discussed in the College Board Meeting. Implementation of the institutional planning will take place in different phases:

The following are some of the plans for future:

  • NAAC Accreditations.
  • Creation of Alumni Forum.
  • Grand Trade Fair.
  • Students Exchange Programme.
  • Construction of a New floor with one Seminar Hall and two Classrooms with Staff room.
  • Faculty Development Programme.
  • Conversion of the old Seminar/Conference Hall into classes.
  • Installation of Televisions and projectors for frequent and constant studies.
  • Subjects Clubs will be formed for students’ growth and development.
  • Air Conditioning installation to the Staff and other Classes.
  • 20 Computers will be allotted for smooth flow of Lab Activity.
  • Placement Cell and many more. In Sha Allah!.

Last word:

In the words of Jean Piaget “The goal of education is not to increase the amount of

Knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things”. We have a great mission ahead and it is to help our students learn the right thing and enable them to manifest what they have learnt. This manifestation of perfection is possible if and only if our minds and hearts unfettered and are united in marching towards the goal we have set to achieve and go even beyond.

Lastly, I express my sincere gratitude to our chief guest and the guest of honour for having accepted our invitation and for attending this function. My sincere gratitude is due to the strong pillar of the institution, our beloved president, vice president, general secretary, additional general secretary, secretary and other members of the esteemed management. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my staff, especially my Non-Teaching Staff S M Shabbir, Rafiya, Mohammed Ashfaque, Mohammed Ashraf and Nafeesa Khala, who always stand with me shoulder to shoulder for each and every herculean task, invitees, parents and dear students for their co-operation. Dear Students infuse your life with action. Don’t wait it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future, hope, love. Whatever you believe honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen. Last but not the least, I convey my wishes and good luck to our outgoing students and I would like to wish them every success in their future endeavors.

Let us continue our march and achieve the goal.


Thank you All and May Allah SWT keep us under his special protection. AAmeen


Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!


Mr.Mohammed Mohsin K. (K.Set)

24th August 2022


Principal AIMCA